Requested by: NZ Herald | Response provided: 04/10/2018
Category: Harm to Staff,Disciplinary Action

 I write in response to your Official Information Act request, received by us on transfer under section 14 of the OIA, from the Ministry of Health on 05 September 2018.

You requested the following information:

1. All incoming and outgoing information – including emails, memos, texts, call transcripts, audio, video, reports, letters, relating to complaints made against District Health Board staff over the past three years

o Can the information be broken down into districts and by complaint type: (i.e. bullying, sexual harassment, assault etc?)

o Also, how many complaints were investigated, how many are still ongoing, the results of those investigations, how many people were charged by police/ sentenced/ fired/ had their employments ended as a result.

The information sought in this request is to be used as part of a report by the NZ Herald into allegations of widespread bullying and sexual harassment/harassment claims against DHB staff.


Our response is attached


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