Requested by: APEX Union | Response provided: 16/12/2020
Category: Mental Health


I write in response to your Official Information Act request received by us 18th November 2020, you requested the following information:

1. How many non-Maori are currently on a waitlist for psychological intervention with a psychologist?


2. If Maori specific mental health services exist within the DHB MHAS:

a) What are the criteria for acceptance into these services?

b) How many referrals were made to these services between 1 July, 2019 and 30 June, 2020? Please provide numbers of referrals for each service where there is more than one service.

c) What psychiatric diagnoses did these people present with?

d) How many referrals were accepted by these services in the absence of a psychiatric diagnosis? Please provide numbers of referrals for each service.

e) How many of these referrals were declined?

I. What were the three most common reasons for a referral being declined?



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