Requested by: NZ Aged Care Association | Response provided: 15/02/2021
Category: Clinical

1. Does Counties Manukau DHB have goals, targets, or objectives for current or future admissions to Aged Residential Care? These targets could be expressed in terms of an absolute numbers, annual percentage changes, or changes in age-specific ARC utilisation rates. If the answer is yes, could you please supply documents or links to web pages and documents.

2. Has Counties Manukau DHB analysed the cost of providing home support to older people with high or complex needs compared to the cost of funding them in aged residential care? As an indication, we are referring to older people with scores or 4 or 5 on the interRAI MAPLE scale, or 2 or above on the ADL Hierarchy scale, in their most recent interRAI Home Care assessment.

If the answer is yes, could you please provide a copy of the report. If that is not possible, please provide:

  • The name of the study or report
  • When it was completed (most recently if there have been several)
  • A brief outline of the scope of the study
  • The principal findings of the study.


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