Requested by: Radio New Zealand | Response provided: 15/02/2021
Category: Buildings,Equipment

1. How many pieces of art does the DHB own? Art includes any artwork, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, statues, photographs, or any other types of art.

2. Please state what the art is – eg a painting, who the artist is, whether the art was donated or purchased, and the value of the artwork. If a sculpture or statue, what or who does the art depict?

3. If the artwork was purchased, how much did it cost to buy and when was it bought?

4. What is the combined total value of all of the DHB’s art?

5. Where is the artwork housed? Eg, which hospital, building, wing, ward?

6. Has the DHB ever donated or loaned any art and if so to who, when, for how long and why?

7. Is the art insured and if so for how much? Has any art ever been stolen and if so was it recovered?

8. Has any of the art ever been damaged and repaired and if so when, and how was it damaged?

9. Has the DHB ever undertaken and art audit and if so when?

10. What is the benefit to patients of the artwork?



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