Requested by: Radio New Zealand | Response provided: 11/03/2021
Category: Women's Health,Mental Health

On the topic of women’s health:

  1. Waiting times for urogyneacology
  2. Waiting times for colorectal surgery
  3. Waiting times for pelvic physiotherapy
  4. Staffing levels for gynaecologists/urogynaecologists and physiotherapists
  5. Staffing levels for specialist pelvic physiotherapists.

On the topic of mental health:

  1. Deaths occuring in mental health in-patient unit each year, for the last five years, and the cause of death (or suspected cause)
  2. Deaths of former mental health in-patients occuring within one week of discharge, and cause of death (or suspected cause). Figures for each year, for the last five years please.
  3. How many of these deaths were referred to the coroner? Figures for each year, for five years please.
  4. Staffing levels for psychiatrists; pscychologists and nursing


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