Requested by: Private/Individual | Response provided: 27/04/2021
Category: Mental Health
  1. What the cost of maintaining this list is for each dhb.
  2. What are the observers having to observe and where is the critical point that would be addressed by making contact with a listee in order to assist.
  3. I would like to know how many people are on this list. either with knowledge and consent or completely unaware
  4. How and who collates the data collected.
  5. How many persons have committed suicide whilst either
  6. Being on the list
  7. Having family members on this list for extended period with no contact.
  8. I would like to know who is the administrator and who is responsible for the inadequate and inhumane structure of observing without any contact to the persons being observed, even after a family member may commit suicide.
  9. Under what human and legal rights as well as privacy laws does this 'observing and collating data’ use or fail to use
  10. What funding is allocated for this VPL and for the varied govt services that are coerced to perform this.
  11. Have you heard of the cartwright enquiry?


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