Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 16/03/2021
Category: Clinical

1. Any documents or reports produced by or for Counties Manukau DHB, and/or briefings sent to the Minister(s)of Health/Associate Ministers of Health and/or Children, regarding the deaths of 18 infants of Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant in 2019 in the CMDHB area.

2. Please provide the number of SUDI deaths in the CMDHB area - including the ethnicity rates (SUDI deaths per 1000 births) - over the most recent available 10 (ten) calendar years, including provisional data from 2020 if it's available

3. The numbers of safe sleeping devices (including wahakura, pepi-pods, bassinets etc) distributed in the CMDHB area in each year since the NSPP began, and expectations/projections for how many will be distributed this year.

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