Requested by: Stuff | Response provided: 18/05/2021
Category: Hospital Capacity,Clinical

This week Dunedin Hospital was put into a Code Black alert following an exceptionally busy 24-hour period where the number of patients outstripped available beds in the emergency department.

Dunedin Hospital has five levels of escalation:
- Green (normal pressure)
- Yellow (early overload)
- Orange (overload)
- Red (extreme overload)
- Black (critical situation).

I would like to request reports on all instances where the Counties Manukau DHB equivalent of a Code Black or Code Red alert was issued at Middlemore Hospital for the period 1 January 2011 to 24 March 2021.

Please include definitions for the Counties Manukau DHB's levels of escalation and a brief explanation of the plan to manage each.


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