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Category: Surgical,Clinical

**Please apply these questions below to the calendar year of 2020 AND 2017:
1. How many people were referred by the GP to the DHB for a joint replacement that year?
2. Of those, how many did not receive a first specialist appointment with a specialist orthopedic surgeon?
3. Of those who had their first appointment with the specialist orthopedic surgeon, how many were then referred/sent back to their GP?
4. Of those patients that were referred by GP for joint replacement surgery, how many went ahead to have surgery by the DHB?
5. Of those who were referred by GP and had a first specialist appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, how many actually had their surgery with the DHB?
6. How many patients were deemed clinically necessary to go on a waiting list for joint replacement that year?
7. How many referrals from the GP and specialist for joint replacements were turned down that year?
8. How many were turned down because of ‘lack of capacity’?
9. Can you specify your DHBs criteria for joint surgery?
10. How many points do patients need to get onto the waiting list for joint replacement in your DHB?
11. How many ‘semi urgent’ referrals from the GP to DHB for ENT (ears, nose throat) were actually seen by a specialist?


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