Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 18/10/2018
Category: Medical,Hospital Capacity

I write in response to your query regarding Cardiac Ultrasound referral and wait times, which you initially submitted on 20 September 2018. On 01 October, our Communications Team advised you that we needed to compile information to respond to your questions, and would do so under the Official Information Act.

You requested the following information:

I am looking into the issue of long waits for Cardiac Ultrasounds here in Auckland. My understanding is that it is not unusual for there to be a waiting time of nine months after referral; apart from patients who have presented to the emergency department after cardiac arrest.

Can you please tell me what the waiting times are at Counties Manukau DHB?

o Specifically, what is the average waiting time, and what is the longest any individual has beenwaiting?

o If there is an issue with waiting times, why and what can be done to remedy it?


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