Requested by: Private/Individual | Response provided: 30/09/2021
Category: Corporate,Clinical

Any written evidence/documents your agency sent to a Select Committee in response to an Annual
Review(s)/Financial Review(s) for the following financial years: 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018,
2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021.

This includes: Any supporting documents (eg presentations, annexes of supplementary information
or tables, supporting documents, etc) you supplied a Select Committee as part of each financial
years’ Annual Review/Financial Review processes.

Specific format request: We are aware the content we are seeking is already available on the
Parliamentary website. However, it is mostly in PDF format and PDF is unsuitable for our purposes.
We wish to easily copy information in the documents including handling information in tables –
which is not easily achievable in PDF.

Accordingly, consistent with Section 16 (2) of the Official Information Act, We ask you provide this
information in a commonly used format we can easily manipulate/copy electronically. This could
include commonly used proprietary formats such as Microsoft Word (eg .doc or .docx), Microsoft
Excel (eg .xls or .xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (eg .ppt or .pptx) or, where appropriate and necessary,
commonly used generic formats such as rich text (eg .rtf), comma-separated-value (eg .csv)
formats. The key is being able to easily copy material from the documents (notably easily handling
table information).

Basically, we suspect you will easily find the final Word versions or Powerpoint of your submissions
to Parliament. That's really all we need.


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