Requested by: Private/Individual | Response provided: 15/11/2021
Category: Surgical,Clinical
  • I am writing to request a report on how many patients have been provided with publicly funded orthognathic surgery each year, over the past 5 years from Counties Manukau DBH as a total number. I would like this number to then be categorised into how many patients received orthognathic surgery for a Class III Malocclusion (Child and adult categorised).
  • Additionally, I would like to be provided with a list of the Cephalometric and OPG- X Ray measurement criteria that would qualify an adult patient with a Class III Malocclusion to receive publicly funded Orthognathic surgery (+/- Community Services Card).
  • Lastly, I would like to be provided with a list of the criteria that establishes the waiting times for an adult requiring orthognathic surgery.


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