Requested by: Pharmac | Response provided: 02/11/2021
Category: Women's Health

1. Do you offer insertion of the Long Acting Contraceptive devices Mirena and Jaydess?
2. How many appointments are required to receive a Mirena or Jaydess device? – pre insertion consultations? Insertion, follow up?
3. For patients who are not eligible for subsidised funding, what is the standard cost of the Mirena/Jaydess insertion itself?
4. Do you have any criteria for free or reduced fees (e.g. Community services card, under 20s etc)
5. What does it cost to remove a Mirena or Jaydess device? If different for different groups, please specify.
6. Do you have any additional costs or surcharges associated with inserting Mirena or Jaydess?
7. Any additional comments/notes.


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