Requested by: Radio New Zealand | Response provided: 21/01/2022
Category: Corporate

Under the Official Information Act, please provide information, including but not limited to emails,
applications, reports, meeting minutes, memos, data, audiovisual materials and correspondence to/from
the DHB about:
• The number of formal apologies, including apologies in writing, offered by senior management,
including but not limited to the chief executive, deputy chief executive(s), executive managers
and board members to:
• Any DHB staff member
• Any former DHB staff member
• Anyone employed, contracted, or working in any capacity for the DHB
• Any patient
• Any former patient
• Any family of a patient or former patient
• Any member(s) of the public
• Any other government agency
• No date range – please provide information as far back as is reasonably practicable.


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