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Category: Clinical

1. Does your DHB have a palliative care service? If yes, what is its annual budget?
2. How many palliative care specialists do you employ?
3. How many DHB FTEs are dedicated to palliative care and what are their job titles (eg CNS, nurse practitioner, allied health)?
4. Do all palliative patients have access to telephone 24/7 specialist palliative care advice and support?
5. Do all palliative care patients have access to visits from district nurses and General Practitioners 24/7, wherever they are located - home, care home, rural and urban?
6. Do all palliative patients (no matter where located) have access to assessment and care from multidisciplinary specialist palliative care teams?
7. Do all patients admitted to hospital have access to multidisciplinary specialist palliative care teams?
8. How many FTEs do you have dedicated to implementation of end of life care pathways and advanced care planning?
9. When are people referred to palliative care, by whom and how close to death?
10. How much annual funding do you provide for local hospice services?


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