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Category: Medical

Re: Official Information Request for chemotherapy, funding of chemotherapy drugs, and Herceptin treatment in breast cancer patients

I refer to your Official Information Act request of 1 November 2018 to the Auckland DHB and As part of the Regional Cancer & Blood Services at Auckland DHB, the transfer from Waitemata DHB on 1 November 2018 and the Counties Manukau DHB 5 November 2018, for the following information:

1. how many rounds of chemotherapy a patient is entitled to under the DHB (NB: If this differs between cancers please outline this - otherwise I am specifically asking about breast cancer patients)

2. what chemotherapy drugs the DHB is funded for, broken down by drug and length of treatment a patient is entitled to


In addition, Waitemata DHB (5 November 2018) and Counties Manukau DHB ( 5 November 2018) transferred the third part of your OIA request to Auckland DHB and we have responded accordingly.

3. *the number of herceptin treatments in breast cancer patients under the DHB each year, from January 1 2008 - to Nov 1 2018


The information you have requested is enclosed below.


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