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“Hospital has many doctors at different pay scales and responsibilities. Many of which are demanding for the team. Paediatrics and General Medicine have been two of the demand rotation. With regards to general medicine and pediatrics departments.

1) what is the list if senior medical officers designated to be clinical supervisors for medical students from the university if Auckland (i.e. who are the SMOs who can sign CSRs)

2) from above, what is the FTE of each SMO, and number of hours expected on site.
a. if applicable, what is their salary as per Association of Salaries Medical Specialist contact
b. what has this been for the last 10 years
c. if unavailable, what is their generic SMO payscale

3) to prevent burn often doctors get rostered time off
a. how many days in a row can an SMO work as per contact
b. what is the policy around SMO rostered days off
c. what compensation is given when SMO do work beyond their day off? e.g. come in on a RDO

4) With regards to house Officer
a. what are the run catagories for house officers on paediatrics and general Medicine attachments, ergo number of expected hours
b. what is their pay as per pgy# and run catagory from above
c. what has this been for the last 10 years?
d. what is the maximum number of days house officers in the attachments above have to work in a row
e. what is the rostered day off policy for house officers in the rotations mentioned above?

5) With regards to trainee interns
a. how many hours per week are trainee interns expected to be on placement in runs above?
b. as they are not paid, what protections are ensured trainee interns have proper rest and food breaks?
c. how many days in a row are trainee interns expected to be on placement 

d. what is the dhb policy for rostered days off for trainee interns
e. how does dhb manage the expectations for trainee interns to be present with their health and wellbeing in a demanding field

I request all information in a tabulated excel document


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