Requested by: Individual | Response provided: 16/11/2018
Category: Mental Health

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, on transfer by the NZ Police under Section 14 of the Act, and received by us on 01 November 2018. You requested the following information:

• "I would like to know who sectioned Mr Jami-Lee Ross, Member of Parliament, under theMental Health Act, into Middlemore Hospital on the 20th (or 21st) of October 2018."


We sought to clarify your request with you to understand what you meant by ‘who sectioned’ in your request; via an email sent to you from our Legal Counsel on 05 November 2018. As of today, we have not heard back from you.

We will not be commenting on the specific details of the care of Mr Ross, and do this under Section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act, to protect the privacy of all the individuals involved.

In order to respond to you within the required timeframes of the Official Information Act, we are providing the following outline of the general process for admission of people under the various sections of Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992.


Our response is attached


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