Requested by: NZ Herald | Response provided: 19/07/2018
Category: Women's Health


I write in response to your Official Information Act Request, dated 05 July 2018. You requested the following information related to assisted delivery and caesarean section births.

Please provide:

1)The number of babies injured or who died during birth at CMDHB when assisted delivery wasused. Please provide the same number for c-section births.

-Please state if ventouse or forceps were used in c-section

In the case of injuries, please state:

•what the injuries were, or the seriousness of the injuries.

oSeparate out by type of birth –(e.g. ventouse, forceps, c-section, all of the above)

•if the baby survived past 30 days.

•state whether the baby spent time in a neo-natal unit as a result, and if so how long.

•the cost of any injuries to the DHB.

-(e.g., baby required surgery or extensive stay in neo-natal care etc.)

2)Please state if the mother was injured or died in any of the deliveries, and if so please state typeof intervention.

3)In the case of injury or death what action was taken;

-(E.g. complaint to HDC, coroner’s inquest, recorded as serious and sentinel event, internalreview, apology, change of process/ procedure etc.)

The time frame for the request is for the past five years.



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