Requested by: Radio NZ | Response provided: 25/01/2019
Category: Contracts,Buildings

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, dated 29 November 2018. You initially requested the following information:

• Any correspondence in whatever form between the DHB or its agent, and James Speedy or Jeanette Speedy or Middlemore Carparking Limited (between the dates Jan 2000 and Dec 2002) or Middlemore Hospital Car Park Management Limited (between the dates 2013 and 2016)


We contacted you on 7 December 2018, to explain our administrative challenges with providing the potential extent of information sought, which would have included retrieval challenges, and a large amount of material, related to a range of historical operational matters (such as staff and patient complaints, arrangements for designated car parks and payments, compassionate parking requests, previous OIA requests related to parking revenue, planning and design documents, and parking at all the DHB sites). Following that, you revised your request to the following information.

• Any reports, memos or advisories or letters (but not emails) related to negotiation of contracts / deeds and the assignment of these, re: car parking between Ron Pearson or Geraint Martin and Middlemore Hospital Car Park Management Limited or Middlemore Car parking Limited or James Speedy or Jeanne Elizabeth Speedy, for the period since start of 2008 till now.


Our response is attached



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