Requested by: Private Individual | Response provided: 11/02/2019
Category: Women's Health,Public Health Services

I write in response to your Official Information Act request, initially received 21 December, and clarified on 14 January. You requested the following information:

Please provide a link to or copy (if the DHB has them) of

a) Your DHB's current core policy document on facilitating education access for inpatient and outpatient children and young clients (including tertiary age)


b) Your DHB's current core policy document on the transition and monitoring of transition from paediatric to adult services. I am aware that at least one DHB has a formal transition process and joint management document for each patient.

c) Your DHB's current core policy document on transitions and/or co-management between

a) Genetic and paediatric services

b) Paediatric and other specialist services and

c) Genetic and adult services.

Hopefully these are already documented and my thanks to those who have done key work in these areas.

Please also

• Advise me if you do not have a written policy on any/each of the above, and

• If these situations are covered in a general DHB policy, and please send a link/copy of these policies.


Our Response is attached



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