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Category: Hospital Capacity,Ministry of Health,Public Health Services

I am looking to conduct an outcome analysis on the health sector in New Zealand.

While there is data maintained by the Ministry of Health on output variables such as number of inpatients, length of stay etc. at each public hospital, the input information such as staffs, expenditure, or number of beds are only available at the DHB level. It would serve the research project better if the input information is also available at each individual facility level (i.e. for public hospitals).

Therefore, could you please provide me with the following information for each public hospital within the DHB.

1. Number of beds at each public hospital (this could be monthly, quarterly or annual data).

2. Number of Full-time employees at each public hospital (especially doctors and nurses).

3. Expenditure information categorized for each public hospital (expenditure information need not be itemized for each category; it can be general categories such as medical devices, clinical supplies, personnel expenses etc.).


Please let me know if you can provide me this information (preferably in an excel format).

The desired timeframe for data is 2007 – 2017. It would be ideal to have monthly data, but if it is not available you can provide me with quarterly data.


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