Problem Statement

Counties Manukau District Health Board (the board) receives patient stories at the beginning of each board meeting.

The stories are shared in the public session of the meetings, which often have media in attendance. The chairperson has asked that these stories be authentic and reflect a full range of experiences (both positive and negative).

Our priority is to capture stories that reflect the diversity of our community (with a particular effort to obtain Maaori and Pacific feedback). 

What are we trying to achieve?

We are aiming to set the scene of the board meetings, and help board members understand what is happening at the grass-roots level of the organisation, in regards to our experiences, how this is affecting our communities, and the opportunities we have for making improvements and promoting areas of excellence.

What have we done?

We have created and shared 14 patient/whaanau stories in the past 12 months. The stories encapsulate our diverse community and include a range of experiences from both patients and whaanau.

Our stories are system-wide, and reflect patient experience across the whole system, including primary care, complex needs (across services), geographical spread, and cultural diversity.

What did we find?

A wide range of patient experiences, across a number of different services. A general willingness from patients and former patients to engage and tell their story.

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