Problem Statement

Patients and Whaanau have discussed with us in many settings and reported through our inpatient survey, the feelings of loneliness, shear boredom and frustration associated with being an inpatient and waiting for various stages of care.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our goals are to …

To achieve a more patient centric and friendly environment in which our community feel engaged with activities of daily living, whilst improving the times in which patients are recovering or waiting for various stages of care. Provide our patients and whaanau with a cost effective recreational activity available to anyone that can access a smartphone or device such as ipad/laptop.

What have we done?

Libby has been trialed in 15 clinical areas beginning in September 2018, focusing initially in areas with long length of stay and patients with limited abilities or critical injuries. This project has been supported and rolled out in partnership with Auckland Council libraries.

What did we find?

We have a number of areas in which our partnership with Auckland libraries has helped to identify areas of opportunity for developments in the process especially in regards to out of Auckland patients/ Whaanau. Including options for various languages and audio enabled devices due to the various medical needs and limitations of our patients in the pilot areas.

How did we make a difference?

Renal Dialysis; we have seen an uptake of 38% of their patients have downloaded the app and are using it during their dialysis. Many of our staff have also downloaded the app for work and personal use.

Where to from here?

Our aim is to continue to work with Auckland libraries to develop a robust platform that works for all demographics and the whole of our community. We will continue to rollout promotion of this app-ward by ward continuing to focus efforts of units of high acuity and long length of stay.

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