Problem Statement

Workforce development is a core component of providing best quality care at CM Health.

Ko Awatea LEARN contributes to educating and growing a fit-for-purpose workforce within the district health board (DHB) by providing an e-learning environment that enables anywhere, anytime access to high-quality learning and professional development courses and resources.

Ko Awatea LEARN enables cross-sector collaboration between 15 DHBs, reducing duplication and leveraging expertise across the sector.

What are we trying to achieve?

The goal of Ko Awatea LEARN is to create a collaborative environment for both the DHB and the wider health sector, so that staff can continue their learning journey, helping develop a safe, competent and compliant workforce.

Currently, Ko Awatea LEARN has 15 DHB partners across New Zealand. Like CM Health, many of these DHBs are using LEARN to facilitate access to their learning resources by primary health organisations, non-governmental organisations, and their primary care partners.

What have we done?

Almost 15,500 individual e-learning courses were completed by CM Health staff, using Ko Awatea LEARN, between 1 July 2018 and 12 June 2019.

In addition, 10 new courses were developed and seven were updated.

Ko Awatea LEARN facilitates a cross-sector collaborative approach to learning and workforce development. A good example, is the recent collaborations between CM Health and Waitemata and Hawkes Bay DHBs to acquire, modify and roll-out courses in disability responsiveness and health literacy. These course are now part CM Health’s mandatory training programme.

A key priority in the past 12 months has been aligning the Ko Awatea LEARN platform with the new CM Health Mandatory Training Policy, making it clearer for our staff what topics are required to be completed, and within what timeframe.

What did we find?

Following an organisational review of Ko Awatea LEARN, CM Health will be engaging with our Ko Awatea LEARN partners and stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, to transfer ownership of the platform to a neutral body. This will ensure both its long-term sustainability and create a governance structure that could facilitate the development of a single cross-sectorial e-learning platform. Such a platform would encompass Ko Awatea LEARN and the e-learning platforms currently being facilitated by the Southern Alliance and the Ministry of Health.

As a result of the planned transfer, the Ko Awatea Leadership Academy no longer exists. The remaining organisational leadership development programmes now sit under the Director of Human Resources.

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