Foreword from the Chair and Chief Executive

Of all the documents we produce, the Quality Accounts are one of the most important.  Assuring ourselves as professionals and our community how we safeguard and improve the quality of our care is important to building trust and confidence. The Quality Accounts tells the story of what we’ve been doing over the past year, along with plans for the future in quality and safety. It highlights our commitment to evidence-based quality improvement, lessons learnt, what improvements are needed; and the part the public and local communities can play in making health services better, and more responsive. This is at the heart of being a learning organisation and healthcare system.

Furthermore, it is a true reflection of our commitment to achieving health equity. There are many reasons to read and reflect on these Quality Accounts, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Recognising the wide diversity of inspiring work happening across our organisation and community that we should know about and be proud
  • Reinforcing that many heads are better than one - our commitment to helping people stay well in the community means we partner with a range of organisations to support healthy lifestyles, on topics as diverse as smoking, alcohol and
  • Understanding that consumers have a unique perspective of health services and that is why we regularly encourage patients and their whaanau to provide feedback about the experience of care they receive. Highlighted in the Accounts is the work of the Consumer Council, a group of consumers who represent the interests of patients and their

This document is a great read when we consider the context that we provide care in Counties Manukau – acute demand growth from a rapidly growing population with constrained facilities and resources; high complex need because we have a population presenting with complicating factors (e.g. morbid obesity, long term condition disease burden).  We thank the more than 7,000 people employed by the DHB and more than 10,000 people who, collectively, provide care and support to our deserving population. 

We can always do better – fundamental to continuous improvement is believing that opportunities always exist to improve even if we are better than our peers.  This document represents a momentary pause in time to reflect and acknowledge that we have achieved much and how far we have come. We hope you enjoy reading and invite you to acknowledge the progress we have made.


Mark Gosche
Board Chair
Counties Manukau Health

Margie Apa
Chief Executive
Counties Manukau Health


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