Problem Statement

Research shows that induction events and a robust consistent orientation process offer opportunities to not only ensure that new starters comply with basic requirements but to connect them to the culture of their new workplace; that is, what to expect and what is expected of them (‘the way we do things around here’). If the on boarding process helps new employees adjust quickly, the DHB will benefit from higher job satisfaction, lower turnover and lower employee stress levels. The data shows that:

4% - of new hires leave a job after a disastrous first day[1]

22% - of turnover occurs within the first 45 days [2]

17% - of organisations lose new employees during the first 3 months¹

Turnover costs the organisation at least 3x the former employee’s salary 1

In terms of the CM Health Welcome Day specifically, it has received mixed reviews from New Starters, Managers and others alike and whilst it has served its purpose for a number of years, thanks to the contribution of staff within the organisation, it was clear that things needed to change. The nature of our large, diverse organisation means that we simply cannot provide all of the information needed for all new starters on their first day/s.  The result is that the welcome event has been revised to manage new starter information in a more interactive, engaging way, reflect industry best-practice, align with CM Health’s Strategic Objectives (particularly ‘Achieving Equity’), as well as our organisational commitment to excellence.

[1] Bersin by Deloitte’s industry study: On boarding Software Solutions 2014: On-Ramp for Employee Success

[2] Harvard Business Review: Your New Hires Won’t Succeed Unless You On-board Them Properly, June, 2016

What are we trying to achieve?

In keeping with best-practice, evidence-based practice, industry standards and our organizational commitment to excellence, Welcome Day has been revised to achieve the following Purpose, with the vision that all New Starters;

-        Feel welcomed to CM Health

-        Are introduced to our organisational culture (how we do things around here)

-        Enjoy the experience of Welcome Day

-        Are inspired to deliver great care every day


By the end of the Welcome Day, New Starters will understand:

-        CM Health Strategic Goal

-        Health Equity

-        How to live our values

-        The population we serve

-        The importance of patient experience on patient outcomes

-        Key resources and information available for them

What have we done?

A review of the process for welcoming new starters to CM was undertaken. A small task and finish group was established to undertake this work with input from clinical professionals, coordinators, relevant managers, Maaori health team and other key stakeholders. This review covered three key stages in the process:


  1. On boarding (Recruitment, Selection and Processing)
  2. Welcome Event
  3. Orientation (The first 90 days).


The key elements of this review was to work towards a having a strategic, standardised, sustainable and consistent process for welcoming new staff to our organisation.

Overall the key changes have led to improved consistency of information at recruitment and On boarding, with guidance provided to managers about how we welcome new people and their role in supporting the process. A significant achievement was the development of Raahiri | Welcome to CM Health event.

The focus and emphasis for the event is to bring together people who are new to CM Health, increase the involvement of the ELT in the process, introduce new people to our organisation and help them get a picture of how they contribute and make a difference to other staff, patients and whaanau.

Following a review of data changed the frequency of the programme to monthly thus better utilising resources and input.  From a discussion with the Chief Executive, ELT members should be represented at every ‘Raahiri | Welcome to CM Health’ event while the Chief Executive will continue to play a key role in the event.

What did we find?

Participant evaluation on the Raahari event to date has been positive to date;

“I was enlightened, informed, heard and supported after the discussion and during the questions and answers portion of the programme.  Indeed, all the facilitators did an excellent job… Most of all – I find the presence of the CEO truly amazing and I felt that she is very approachable person” (from a Raahiri participant).

How did we make a difference?


We have demonstrated excellence in the development and delivery of Raahiri, and the values of whakawhanaungatanga and kotahitanga are evident through the session. By giving our people the best start in our organisation, they will be well equipped to deliver great care and live our values every day.


Where to from here?

We will continue to review the participant evaluations, and update material to keep it contemporary and relevant.



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