(Formerly OPIVA)

This training has been specifically designed to assist Registered Nurses working in Private Hospitals within Aged Care to manage patients with central venous lines who require an extended length of intravenous antimicrobial therapy in the comfort of their own facility. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the online training and practical workshop the RN will be able to: 

  • Discuss OPAT programme 
  • Explain what a PICC line is 
  • Discuss and demonstrate safe nursing management of a patient with a PICC line 
  • Explain potential complications associated with PICC lines and management 
  • Describe the follow up and support provided by the OPAT Programme 
  • Demonstrate antimicrobial administration options 
  • Demonstrate PICC dressing and injection port change 

Training process

There are two parts to the training:

  • Theory
    The online e-Learning OPAT training workbook introduces the OPAT programme and best practices related to the care and maintenance of patients with PICC lines receiving long term intravenous therapies.  Once you have completed the workbook you will be issued a certificate via email.
  • Clinical Skills Demonstration and Practice Session
    This is facilitated by the Intravenous (IV) Access Team Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).  This demonstration and practice session gives you the opportunity to practice skills associated with the care and management of PICC lines and the methods of administration of intravenous antimicrobials in an educational environment. 

Expression of Interest

If the Private Hospital you are working at is interested in accessing this OPAT Training Package, email us at cmhivaccessteam@middlemore.co.nz

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