Accessibility group opening doors

This week (13-19 March) is Neurodiversity Awareness Week and a fitting time to launch the Counties Accessibility Network known as CAN Do!

CAN do is a group of dedicated staff members who advocate and action positive change to help build an inclusive workplace culture that will enable all employees to bring their ‘whole self’ to work.

Accessibility is about being inclusive and embracing all people equally including people with a disability, those who are LGTBQ or neurodiverse.

Danny Farnham, Project Manager with Healthy Together Technology, and no relation to John Farnham, although his song ‘You’re the voice’ is quite fitting to the group’s advocacy work, is a member of CAN Do and is excited about the work already underway.

“We have had some quick wins already and have worked with our Facilities department on making some simple and effective changes to our buildings and infrastructure to make access to buildings a little bit easier and using common-use facilities more inclusive.

“This includes things like ensuring wheelchair ramps are positioned appropriately or even installing ramps where there currently are none, bathroom fittings are positioned correctly to meet the needs of all patrons and automated doors close without any risk of harm to anyone,” he says.

Although the work they do is for Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau employees, it also benefits patients and visitors to our site.

“If we make improvements to our facilities like lowering bathroom handles or adding handrails, this helps our patients and public too,” says Raki Debebe (she/her), Disability Strategy Implementation Lead.

We look forward to hearing more from this group. 

Ka pai too mahi team!

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