Celebrating our ED Nurses - Duran Whiu

My name is Duran Whiu, and I'm one of the nurses in Middlemore's Emergency Department.

It's my fourth year in the ED and I really love my job!

It was actually my Mum who used to work here who inspired me to apply for the role and I've never looked back.

My days are really busy – assessing the needs of new patients, determining what sort of intervention they need, implementing a plan, and then evaluating the success of our work.

Life as an ED nurse can be extremely satisfying – especially watching as someone's health improves throughout their visit.

I remember one particular man I attended, who I grew quite close to. When we finished looking after him, he thanked me warmly for taking care of his needs.

He said I had made him feel he was the most important person in the world at that time.

If you're thinking of applying for work here, don't hesitate!​

duran whiu

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