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​This week is Neurodiversity Awareness Week and it's also the week we officially launch the Counties Accessibility Network - CAN do.

CAN do is a staff-led group dedicated to continuing to improve our work environment so that is inclusive and accessible to all. This work also indirectly improves experience for patients with disability such as improving access to facilities.

Bradley Masters has Cerebral Palsy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He joined CAN do to make a contribution using his own experiences of having a disability.

Bradley was born in Middlemore Hospital in our NICU unit and was excited  to return here as a staff member.

 "My first job here was a hospital aide and I was working at the same NICU unit where I was born.

 "For me, that is a great reminder of how far I have come and that I don't want my disabilities to get in the way of being able to live a full life." he says.

Bradley moved into a cleaning role within Non-Clinical Services and is enjoying his job and team.

"With my ADHD I can get many thoughts at once and I find the cleaning tasks helps to keep my mind focused so that's a good thing and I'm known as a hard worker."

"The team is generally supportive of my disabilities. If I come across a task that I can't complete, I let them know and we work it out and that support makes it possible. The other cleaners are friendly and supportive too – we're a team," he says.

"Human Resources were aware of my disability and were good.  I've had feedback from HR that I am task focused, diligent and friendly."

Sheenam Shinh, Cleaning Manager, says she is supportive of Bradley being a part of CAN do group to share his own experience.

"It is a pleasure to have Bradley in the team and we have received positive feedback for his work ethics from various departments while working as a cleaner. Ka pai Bradley."


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