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I am pleased to report that we are through the winter period, and while our services are broadly in good shape it remains very busy.

 Compared to last winter season we were better staffed and although we had very high demands on most of our departments, our teams paid close attention to the new processes around hospital patient flow (basically, finding patients’ beds) and it was encouraging to see that working well.

Since I last spoke to you, we’ve had an election and a change of government – which may bring some changes to the health system and while we await with interest, until then, it is business as usual at Counties.

 It’s worth noting a couple of bits of really pleasing news:

 There was a huge response to a story our communications team published about Saturday surgeries at the Superclinic – and the latest figures show we’ve performed just on 260 such operations since April this year. We are delighted with the impact that’s having on waiting lists.

 The new Medical Bariatric Service, Te Mana ki Tua [our obesity management clinic] has just seen its first patients complete their 12-week start-up programme, and the results have been astonishing in terms of weight loss. We’ll be telling their story very soon.

 The Telehealth pilot programme in our Emergency Department is well underway and that’s helping with a modest easing of pressure in the wait times.

 Some great stuff there!

 Finally, there’s some measles about in the community. Please consider getting yourselves and your tamariki vaccinated as it’s the easiest way to stop the spread of this often-serious illness.

 Enjoy the warmer weather and I will touch base soon.

 Kia pai to ra


Andrew Connolly

Chief Medical Officer

Counties Manukau


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