Clinical News with Dr Andrew Connolly

We are well into the start of a new warmer season, and we almost have a new government.

I know many of you are eager to know what the new administration’s priorities will be in health care – something that’s of special interest to of us at the health coal face.

Our job remains the same - delivering the best outcomes for our patients and the Counties community.

I should note there’s been an increase in COVID cases in the community over the last couple of weeks, and we’ve seen a moderate number through our hospital so it’s timely to remind you of the COVID basics: if you think you’ve contacted COVID, take a RAT test, and if you’re positive, stay home until you are well.

I would like to mention our Kidz First Neonatal team who on November 17 will be marking World Prematurity Day – a time of special significance to Counties. Each year more than 1000 pepe come through our special Neonatal units, and our kaimahi there work extraordinarily hard to support these fragile young ones and their whanau.

I’m also pleased to note there are some new ambulances coming into service including some in our district. These vehicles are specially equipped to transport patients with excessive body weight, and that will be a great plus for both patients and ambulance staff.

Finally, summer starts very soon, and it’s worth remembering to take all the proper precautions to prepare for the season.

Around barbecues – remember hot surfaces are a constant danger for everyone, especially tamariki. Take care when using gas bottles too.

Have plenty of sunblock available if you are out and about and cover up.

And of course, when you’re celebrating the summer and the holidays, ensure you give yourselves and your guests the option of non-alcoholic drinks.

Have a great summer and stay safe on your holidays!

Kia pai to ra!


Andrew Connolly
Acting Chief Medical Officer
Counties Manukau

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