Counties Manukau Celebrates the first World Hospital Pharmacy Day

Our team of fine Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are this week marking an important day for their profession.

Wednesday 27th March is the first-ever World Hospital Pharmacy Day celebrated internationally. The day recognises the valuable contributions of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, medication safety nurses and pharmacy administration within the hospital pharmacy service.

Here at Counties, this is a chance to shine a spotlight on the range of vital tasks undertaken by our dedicated hospital pharmacy team.

Pharmacists are instrumental in medication management, and reviewing medicines prescribed to ensure accuracy and appropriateness for our patients. Dispensary and clinical pharmacists collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to optimise medication, considering factors like drug interactions, allergies, adverse drug reactions, renal function, and patient-specific needs.

Suzy Barber, Clinical Director of Allied Health, Scientific and Technical for CCS division says:  “Pharmacists have a very wide brief at Counties – providing essential medication counselling, empowering patients with knowledge about dosage, side effects, and adherence to ensure a smooth discharge home.”

Pharmacists have to consider a wide range of factors bringing their specialised knowledge to meet the unique circumstances of every patient.”

Counties has clinical pharmacists working across specialist areas such as Paediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Emergency medicine, Critical Care, Mental Health, Surgical, Cardiology, Respiratory medicine, and Medication Safety.

Meanwhile, hospital pharmacy technicians are the backbone of the inpatient pharmacy, assisting with medication preparation, compounding, Pyxis/imprest restocking, dispensing and accuracy checking.

Our medication safety nurses are specialists working collaboratively to lead, develop and manage the implementation of medication safety programmes to reduce risk of preventable harm from medicine use.

Suzy Barber remarks: “Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and medication safety nurses form a dynamic team.  On behalf of AHST and Pharmacy leadership, I would like to acknowledge and say thanks for their incredible mahi and dedication to patient safety, medication optimisation, quality and equitable healthcare, making a real difference to Counties patients every day.”

Photo above: Zainab Okra: Pharmacy Technician, Athena Sun: Pharmacist, Ini Obasuyi: Intern Pharmacist, Rachel Bray:  Medication Safety Nurse Specialist

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