Move more – from your bed or your chair

April is ‘Move More Month’ and ‘April Falls Month’ which is all about falls prevention.

Each year many people fall and injure themselves in their home, which can be a scary thought if you live alone.

As we all know, exercise has health benefits as well, but for many, it’s not that easy to get to the gym.

Luckily, you can still exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Basic exercises like Chair Yoga, or even on the side of your bed, is a real thing and has its benefits!

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If you are an older person or have a health condition that makes it hard to get to the gym, exercises like chair yoga may be a great option for you or your whaanau.

They are also great exercises to do in your chair at the office.

“If you don’t use it you lose it! “says Mary Chung, Advanced Clinician, Community Health Physiotherapy, Counties Manukau.

“Regular exercises will build strength and balance, can help improving balance, leg strength, flexibility, general fitness, mental health, and well-being. And as a result, this will help reduce your risk of falls.”

Mary says that as well as options like the Chair Yoga, she encourages people to utilise the short videos on to guide your physical activity.

“If you are tech savvy you can check out the new Nymbl app which is free to download on your phone or other electronic devices to help you improve your balance. These are great even if you have limited mobility or find exercises hard.

“If you are unsure, please talk to your health professional.” she says.


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