New Phlebotomy (blood testing) unit opens

The Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau Grow Manukau Project reached a milestone today with the opening of a new Phlebotomy (Blood Testing) Unit at the Manukau Health Park site. This step not only signifies the growth of current blood testing services but also sets the stage for a broader healthcare redevelopment underway to cater for future population growth in the area on the ambulatory site.

The opening of the new facility was marked by a karakia and site blessing led by local Mana Whenua and Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau staff.

"This marks a step forward in the Te Whatu Ora Counties, Grow Manukau Project, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the evolving, growing healthcare needs of the community," says Dana Ralph-Smith, Director of Ambulatory and Community Care at Manukau Health Park.

“While the benefits of the new facility may not be fully realised until the wider Grow Manukau work programme has been completed in 2025, expanding the blood testing service will help us future-proof healthcare in the region by enabling us to increase blood testing and diagnostic capacity over time.”

The Blood Testing (Phlebotomy) Unit is part of a broader redevelopment of Manukau Health Park, encompassing a range of new facilities, including radiology, an outpatient renal care centre, breast care and screening services, a standalone theatre block, and an expansion of ophthalmology and women's health services.

"This facility is not just about phlebotomy; it represents a holistic approach to community care. The broader redevelopment at Manukau Health Park is a testament to our commitment to improving capacity, accessibility, and the quality of healthcare for the community."

The improved patient and staff capacity resulting from the wider redevelopment is expected to accommodate almost 150,000 additional outpatient appointments each year and facilitate over 3,600 additional surgeries per annum from 2024, showcasing the project's significant impact on community healthcare.

Blood Testing is often one of the first services required by medical specialists to assess and diagnose patients. This means that improved capabilities and patient capacity has positive flow-on effects to other future specialist services.

“Better access to blood testing is more convenient for our patients and whanau. More capacity at Manukau Health Park means that they can have their blood taken when they attend their outpatient appointment, without having to make a separate trip to a community collection location. The results will also be available sooner, enabling treating clinicians to make faster decisions about patient care,” says Stuart Barnard, Clinical Director, Central Clinical Services.

Health teams are also exploring the possibility of introducing other blood testing which will further broaden the amount of blood testing (phlebotomy) services offered and improve the overall patient experience.

Dana adds "As we mark this achievement, we also look ahead with excitement to the next two years of the Grow Manukau Project. More milestones are on the horizon, solidifying our dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of our diverse community.

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