Quarterly Performance and Data Review reports released

Te Whatu Ora has recommenced public reporting of clinical performance metrics on our website today.

Our third Quarterly Performance Report has now been released

This is the first time these clinical measures have been released since reporting was paused earlier in the year after it was found there were errors in some of the data.

Following the issue being identified, Margie Apa commissioned a review of the process underlying publication of clinical data on the website of Te Whatu Ora. The review was conducted by a panel that reported to Dr Dale Bramley and the report of the review team has also been published on our website today. 

The review found that there are multiple improvements needed. These include the need to develop an overall reporting framework for Te Whatu Ora as well as an enhanced focus on how information is collected, transferred, aggregated and validated. Opportunities also exist to better support the teams involved in this work.

The issues identified were exacerbated by the shift from quarterly to monthly reporting, which had not been the previous reporting standard.

We will now implement the findings of the review, which will require the contribution of several people and teams across Te Whatu Ora. This will require a strong team effort. 

We have a strong focus on improving performance of the health system, with plans and initiatives in place. With the pressure on our hospitals, together with significant workforce shortages, improving performance will take time and consistent effort from everyone involved.

As an organisation, we are also determined to get our performance reporting right, as we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of this work as a key means to build public trust and confidence in our mahi.

Additional documents:

  • You can read our media release here.
  • See our clinical performance measures report here.
  • See the Data Review report here.

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