Registered Nurse Leilana Pulevaka is proud to share her Niue culture

This year’s theme for Faahi Tapu he Vagahau Niue – Niue Language Week is Fakatūleva e Vagahau Niue mo e Tau Aga Fakamotu ma e Tau Atuhau, which means - Sustain Niue Language and Culture for Future Generations.

Registered Nurse Leilana Pulevaka is proud to share her Niue culture with her children.   

"I was born in New Zealand, but my parents come from Mutalau and Liku villages. My connection to my family keeps me involved with my culture,

"I'm a mother to two boys; one is 13, and the other is 8. My youngest son is in primary school and is in New Zealand's first Niue bilingual unit for learning."  

For Leilana, becoming a nurse has allowed her to earn a better living—a career she chose later in life. Growing up in Mangere, she loved sports and earned a scholarship for a sports and Recreation diploma. 

"I was attending M.IT and didn't want to travel far to study, and a sports bachelor wasn't offered then. So, once I finished, I got a job in a factory."

Seven years later, Leilana decided she wanted more for herself.

"It was my oldest son at the time, who was 6. He was asking what do you want to do when you grow up? He mistakenly thought my high viz factory uniform meant I was a nurse, and I thought I'd try that job. 

"It got me thinking about what path I wanted to take. I thought to myself if I wanted to encourage my kids to have great careers, then I needed to model that to them."

While it was hectic raising kids and studying to become a nurse, Leilana successfully started her new life as a nurse in 2020. 

"When I first got my placement, my knowledge was minimal about haemodialysis. I'd been to the Super Clinic but never to that unit, 

"Thanks to my awesome trainers, I no longer have those daunting feelings. I feel confident in my role now."

Leilana says the patients on dialysis become like a second family.

"Many patients are regular, so you build rapport and are committed to helping them."

Working in the Renal unit for haemodialysis, Leilana says she is proud to represent as the only Niuean in her unit.

Excited for the future, Leilana will travel back to the motherland next year.

"My whole family have a trip planned to Niue, and I can't wait for the warm weather and sunshine".  

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