Sandra's Smokefree story

Sandra is now happily smoke free and you can be too!

Our Smokefree team were visiting the Local Doctors in Mangere and talking to people about stopping smoking, offering carbon monoxide measurement via a breathalyser machine showing the amount of toxins in lungs.

Sandra’s partner, who has been smoke free for many years encouraged her to come over to see us. She had cut down recently but was struggling with those last few cigarettes.

She was fuelled with motivation to quit for her whaanau, partner and grandchildren.

She is now eight weeks smoke free with the support of our Te Whatu Ora Living Smokefree Service practitioners through a locally based drop-in clinic!

“Now I can walk around without shortness of breath, and even play with the grandkids without being too tired. I’ve also saved lots of money too.  I use a vape and chew on carrot sticks to help me through cravings.” says Sandra

It goes to show, you can do it – it is possible to quit! 

A huge congratulations Sandra and keep it up. 

May is World Smokefree month and a great time to think about stopping.

Talk to our Smokefree team by calling us on 0800 569 568 and let us help you get the same results for yourself.

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