Saturday surgeries a huge success for Counties Manukau

 A team of dedicated staff is making an impressive difference to the surgical waiting lists in Counties Manukau.

The Saturday surgeries team are turning up to the Manukau Superclinic to assist patients who would otherwise be waiting several months for their operation.

The surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, orderlies and others perform vitally needed surgeries every second week, and it’s made a small but significant dent in the lists. These surgeries continue on a monthly basis.

Jan Tew, Service Manager for Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine says,

 “We started Saturday surgeries a few years ago in between lockdowns, and now they are a huge group effort by many skilled staff who give up part of their weekend to serve.

 “So far this year we’ve performed surgeries on more than 170 patients. Sometimes we can do up to eight operations on each list.”

 The Saturday surgery team will be taking a break over the summer but expects to be back for the monthly routine in 2024.


The team recently received a Counties Manukau award for being “Local Heroes.”




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