Taamaki ki raro - Angela Piggott-Waters

I am a preceptor – that means I train new ‘kaimahi’ (staff) in CSSD (Central Sterile Service Department). I make sure kaimahi are fully trained in policies and procedures for equipment and instruments needed in the operating theatres and over 30 non-theatre departments, where these need to be 100% sterile and ready for use.

I have a passion for my work and the people I do it with – Sterile Supply is such a vital part of the surgical process.

This year has been very rewarding: I have been assisting the teams performing Saturday surgeries at the Manukau Super Clinic, which is making important progress in reducing the waiting lists.

I have been in this job for twenty years – and still don’t feel like I am slowing down.

I have a huge affection for Middlemore and Manukau Super Clinic, especially Middlemore because like many, I was actually born here!

We have great tools now to do our job, like a special tracking system called T-Doc that keeps an eye on every piece of equipment we use in theatres – making our lives easier.

My personal philosophy of life is to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated – and that’s especially true for our patients. Being whanau-orientated, treating patients is like treating my own whanau.

Although what I do is kind of unseen, I know I am making a difference.

Kia Kaha!

Angela Piggott-Waters
Counties Manukau Sterile Supply

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