Taamaki ki raro - Eadaoin Armstrong

“I’m an Irish girl relocated for an attractive new challenge in beautiful Aotearoa. I wanted to work like I did at home, in areas of high need with diverse populations.

This is my first year working as a pharmacist at Middlemore. It’s a very steep learning curve, but it fits with my heart’s desire on where to practice.

Each of us pharmacists are allocated a medical team with a group of highly skilled colleagues from several specialities.

There’s a big emphasis in the hospital on health equity and good outcomes for our patients.

I love the face-to-face relationships with those we care for, and nothing makes me happier than seeing great results from their treatment.

It’s such a great career path here: back in the Covid Crisis I was stuck behind a desk, but now I am on the frontline, dealing up close with patients.

One of them gave a fist-pump the other day! He was so grateful and that makes a workday really special!

The multi-disciplinary teams who work with the patients giving individual attention are phenomenal – and I feel very confident we are optimising care.

My Irish partner and I are so looking forward to our first summer in our new country."

Eadaoin Armstrong
Clinical Pharmacy Department

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