Taamaki ki Raro - Natasha Sharma

“I have worked as a barista for the Compass group at Countries Manukau for three and a half years.

The part I love about my work is that it brings me into contact every day with wonderful people.

I have a good memory for names and faces, and there’s nothing better than a morning catchup with so many people I kind of regard as my friends.

 Life is busy here - our company has taken over Wishbone café: now it’s called Alley Espresso 3 located in Ko Awatea.

I’m a Fijian Indian by birth,  and have been here 12 years - there’s quite a few of us here, and I so appreciate being in a workplace with heaps of different ethnicities.

Outside work, I enjoy hanging out with friends and generally trying new experiences- within Aotearoa - and I love travelling. 

 My three and a half years here has gone by flash.

 Meanwhile- come and see me at KA in our new café!”


Natasha Sharma

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