Taamaki ki raro - Rebecca Girdwood

Nursing is a job that requires emotional strength – and in our travels at Manukau Health Park, we met Rebecca Girdwood – who adds physical strength to the mix.

She is not only an active gym goer but does weight training five days a week!

“Nursing is a very giving job. I wanted to make sure I was looking after myself so that I can be the best for those around me. It hugely helped me navigate shift work and built resilience.

“I wanted to feel strong and see body composition changes. I also want to be active and able well into my elder years.”

Rebecca started here at Te Whatu Ora, Counties Manukau coming up two years ago.

“No day is ever the same. I get to see patients and families from all walks of life from newborns right through to geriatrics.”

After completing her personal training course this year and women’s health certificate, Rebecca also started training others.

“I have recently started my online business, Buildwithbecs, to educate and share knowledge around nutrition and training.

“I have always had a passion for the human body, leaning into orthopaedic nursing very early into my training and career.

“Now I get to the best of both. And use my skills and knowledge to help prevent injuries and build strength and confidence."

Rebecca Girdwood
Nurse - Manukau Health Park

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