Taamaki ki raro - Tepiri Sigapu

"This job I do at Middlemore is like a well-oiled machine.

It’s never not busy!

Is there excitement? All the time.

Occasionally on a frantic day, we end up with a patient on a gurney in the wrong theatre, but that’s incredibly rare.

The surgeons, nurses and techs are very understanding!

I came here from the Cook Islands a long time ago. Worked as a steelworker in a factory in South Auckland for 37 years.

I got made redundant and in 2016 I started at Middlemore – my daughter got me the job here.

This work is great – no noise, no dust like in the steelworks.

I had a cancer diagnosis a while ago, but I am in a pretty good place – I doctor myself!

Once I turn seventy, I think I will have a rest. I will spend the Winters back home on Penhryn Island.

There is huge co-operation between the various professions here. The docs and nurses treat us exceptionally well.

For fun, I sometimes go fishing, although it’s busy, even in later life.

What would I say to the people of South Auckland?

I’d say, look after yourself better. Don’t make it hard for the doctors. With a little bit of self-care, many of you shouldn’t end up here.

That’s my advice anyway!"

Tepiri Sigapu – Theatre Orderly

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