Things that Matter

Auckland theatre-goers are being treated to an intimate look behind the scenes at Middlemore Hospital’s intensive care service.

A veteran of the Middlemore Intensive Care Unit, Dr David Galler, wrote a best-selling book called “Things that Matter” – a memoir of his 25-year career as an intensivist.

The book has now been adapted as a play and, with a stellar cast, is currently playing at the Auckland Waterfront Theatre.

David says his intention always was to honour the colleagues who worked with him at Middlemore during his career.

Ian Hughes, the actor who plays Raf Beckman, David’s fictionalised character, says that the story is like a love letter to the hospital and a plea to pay greater attention to our public health system.

“It’s also a story about one man’s battle to care for his patients while also figuring out how to care for his dying mother.”

The play doesn’t shrink from laying bare the grim realities of hospital life but is billed as “a tender and articulate account of the compassion and change needed in the New Zealand health system.”

‘Things that Matter’ runs until August 27.

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