Formerly Counties Manukau Health Community Geriatric Service

What is the Community Geriatric Service?
The Community Geriatric Service (CGS) is a service provided for people residing in Counties Manukau Health in the community or an Aged Related Residential Care facility. The service includes Specialist Geriatricians and Clinical Nurse Specialists who provide support to the Primary Health Care teams, Residential Care teams and in the area of Gerontology / Geriatric Medicine.

The aim of this service is to improve the health and outcomes for older people in residential care and in the community within the Counties Manukau Health region.

Clinical Nurse Specialists - are trained in conditions affecting older people and are able to provide recommendations about ongoing care to your Primary Health Care provider. The Clinical Nurse Specialists are able to link you to other Health Professionals e.g. Needs Assessors who are experts in arranging ongoing care and support for you.


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