Formerly Counties Manukau Health Diabetes in Pregnancy Service

Diabetes in Pregnancy Service

This service provides close monitoring of your pregnancy if you have pre-existing diabetes or develop diabetes during your pregnancy (gestational diabetes). The service consists of midwives, obstetricians, diabetes specialists, and dietitians.

In most cases you can continue to have antenatal care from your self employed midwife or named community midwife. Some women may have all their antenatal and postnatal care up to six weeks after birth with the diabetes in pregnancy service specialists and midwives, rather than with a self-employed midwife or Te Whatu Ora community midwife. If this is the best option for you, the diabetes service provides clinics for antenatal diabetes care and diabetes midwives can also visit you at home to provide the diabetes care you may need.

If you have been told you have diabetes before you are pregnant, it is important to plan for your pregnancy. See your GP or practice nurse to talk about planning for a pregnancy with diabetes to make sure you are in the best health for you and baby. If you are already pregnant see your GP right away to be referred to the diabetes in pregnancy service.

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