Dear Parent/Caregiver,

Kidz First Public Health Service has been working with schools in our communities providing vaccination programmes for more than 30 years.

Nothing is more important to us than providing safe healthcare for children. Because of this, all our nurses follow strict protocols of consent when providing vaccinations.

Whenever we offer vaccines to children and their families/whaanau in schools, we provide detailed information prior to the child receiving the vaccine. No child is vaccinated without documented consent by a parent/caregiver. We only consider consent given when a parent/caregiver returns a signed consent form. If a form cannot be returned, we use a strict process to collect verbal consent over the phone which is then documented on the child’s consent form.

On the day, your child must also give consent to be vaccinated. If they do not consent, we will not go through with the vaccination. We advise the parent/caregiver of their child’s decline of the vaccination and suggest that your child can have their vaccination at your family doctor if they want it at a different time.

We offer two vaccines in the school based vaccination program to all year 7 and 8 students.

The first vaccine is Boostrix, given in year 7 which helps to prevent whooping cough.

The second vaccine, which includes two doses, is the HPV vaccine, given in year 8. The HPV vaccine prevents the virus which causes cancer of the cervix, genitals, mouth and throat.  It is important to note that this vaccine does not treat cancer but stops it from developing in the first place.

If you have any concerns you can contact us on 021552974.

With kind regards

Kay Lawrie
Service Manager

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