Problem Statement

Clinicians need to log into a number of different clinical applications to view patient information. This reduces the impact that electronic systems have on clinical efficiency.

What are we trying to achieve?

We aim to:

  • increase patient safety by implementing electronic systems
  • improve workflows for clinicians who need to access patient information contained in multiple different IT applications (e.g. laboratory and radiology results).

What have we done?

The Clinical Portal provides access to over 43 different applications. A number of these are used to provide access to a range of systems that clinicians must access in their everyday work, in order to check patients’ progress and results (e.g. radiology and laboratory results, observation charts, medication etc). To enable clinicians to view a range of clinical information from multiple systems, Waitemata DHB developed a view call IP Snapshot, which CM Health clinicians are now using.

What did we find?

IP Snapshot means that clinicians can view a range of clinical information, particularly when on ward rounds, thereby reducing the number of clicks required to access different applications by 19.

How did we make a difference?

An increasing number of clinicians report that they like the view IP Snapshot provides and that it makes viewing patient information easier and more efficient. Waitemata DHB reports that this is the most viewed page on a daily basis for their patients. Momentum is growing within CM Health for IP Snapshot use, as the organisation implements MedChart.

Where to from here?

CM Health is continually improving the layout and content of IP Snapshot in collaboration with Waitemata DHB. The recent approval to appoint a developer to work with Waitemata DHB’s development team, will ensure that delivery of clinician-led changes will increase. This includes improvement in the layout of the chart, resus status, and the development of a nursing IP Snapshot view, along with other key clinical information identified by clinical groups.

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